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Explore a randomly generated planetary system with random event encounters and a very simple two-button turn-based combat system. Can be replayed multiple times for different encounters.

The balance may not be perfect all the time but you can spend endless hours tuning balance but I have run out of time for the jam (have things to tend to IRL!)

Minimum resolution: 1024x768


<Space> - Center on ship
<Mouse Left Click> - Select object
<Mouse Wheel> - Zoom in and out
<Escape> - Pause/Exit Menu

Fuel - Uses 1 fuel every 1 second you're moving, having no fuel is a losing condition
Ordnance - Uses 1 for every time your ship fires upon the enem
Food - Uses 1 food every 2 seconds you are moving, having no food is a losing condition
Repair Equipment - Used for repairing shield, armor and hull when you resupply.

Click "REGEN" to procedurally regenerate the planetary system (orbital paths, resources etc).
Click "EXPLORE" to discover resources on planet.
Click "RESUPPLY" when at a discovered planet to resupply from it and repair.

Objective: Discover all the planets, don't run out of resources, and don't be destroyed from enemy encounters (if you encounter them!)


On your home planet decades of growing conflict spanning the world devastated the population from the deaths of the wars and the illnesses such as malnourishment that it brings. The war machines of the various warrings nations and factions depleted most resources on the planet to fuel and construct them. During the boiling point of the world-wide conflict a secretive alliance was formed amongst three nations to develop a project called the "Sleepers" using the best scientists and engineers each nation had to offer. The Sleepers are androids designeded and built on the last few resources to explore the planetary system in search of more and new resources to continue the war machines and nation wealth. The agreement of the alliance was to enable these three nations to fight together against the rest of the nations and independent factions and gain total control of the planet and split up the planetary system amongst themselves.

These Sleepers were able to be put into a dormant mode by project overseers when needed, a mode that would put them in hibernation and mask their signatures so that other nations could not discover that they existed. They could also put themselves into this dormant mode if the need arised. As a contigency plan after they had completed their mission they would go into the dormant mode and if these nations needed to leave the planet such as their nation being invaded, these Sleepers would be activated to construct a station with the reserved resources they gathered where the elite of the nations would secretly escape to.

However due to unforeseen circumstances due to the conflict on the planet, the "Sleepers" project had to be rushed, the Sleepers had their barebone frames developed, they were walking skeletons of machinery. They were activated and sent out into space for where they would carry out their mission. A few months later, the overseers of the project discovered that these Sleepers were not behaving as programmed to, although sentient, they were still confined to imposed limitations - slaves, yet their intelligence and sentience seemed to somehow override these limitations, something the scientists and engineers ensured would not happen.

It seemed that Sleepers were forming a faction of their own and using resources from the very mission they were sent to accomplish to build their own war machines and plan a vengeful attack on the three nations that created them and enslaved. As this was discovered, the overseers of the project issued the command to put them in the dormant mode, some of the Sleepers resisted the command, others failed to do so. This to an extent crippled the strength of this Sleeper faction, the dormant ones still exist around some of the planets and some awake too, many had been speculated to have left the system and could be travelling to another to rebuild their strength out of range from commands of the overseers.

Other nations discovered this project through spies and intelligence, there was turmoil seen like never before when this was revealed to the rest of the world but in an odd way reunited the nations due to these three nations being afraid that everyone else would form an alliance against them. It led to a summit of all nations and factions where a treaty was signed which outlined an exploration ship, survey and mining ships to be built with the very last available resources that would bring stability to the planet. Your ship was equipped with weaponry and defenses too due to the potential encounter of a dormant or awake Sleeper. Your world depends on your crew and ship to carry out its mission, the treaty stopped the conflict for now but concerns continuee to grow. This is the last-ditch attempt for a potential good future for your planet. Your voyage begins...


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